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Biostimulants & bacteria



for soil

and plants

full of Life

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Water, soil, plants: 

the three fundamentals for healthy and profitable crops

Water is the universal means of transport by which vital elements and substances are carried through nature. It supplies with nutrients the entire biosphere and creates habitats for plants and animals. Vital water, likewise spring water or dynamized water, optimizes the transport of all that substances that are essentials to soil, plants and animals health. Through an innovative technology you will be able to treat water maximizing the distribution of products and significantly reducing the chemicals intake.

If we go beyond the traditional definition of soil being the natural medium for the growth of plants, we discover a small universe full of life: oxygen, water, minerals, salts, bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, plants roots, earthworms, worms, millipedes, moles, rodents, insects, mites, gastropods...

Our aim is to stimulate the life already present in the soil. We do not add the latest fertilizer into the ground, we enhance all the elements present in your land acting like an orchestra director that leads the musicians play at their best.

Your crops can be profitable only if your plants grow strong and healthy and this is possible basically if the root system is well developed. The products we propose support mycorrhizal symbiosis and hypha development so to protect from nematodes, increase the photosynthesis, reduce the biotic and abiotic stress, improve plant architecture and, as a result, achieve healthy crops, easily marketable and with higher marginality!

Our products

Natural biostimulants 

We met penergetic results in Bulgaria three years ago. We had never seen such a structured soil and such vigorous plants. Penergetic products stimulate biological systems through natural impulses that inform medium materials: bentonite, calcium carbonate, molasses. All products are certified for use in organic farming. The penergetic product system comprises five sectors of application: soil, plants, compost, animals supplement, water. See the specific leaflets and contact us for more details.

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Water, at the origin of Life

Take advantage of penergetic technology to have a vital and structured water, improve field spraying, reduce additives, support plants growth!

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Soil quality

Penergetic B promotes humus formation and soil activity

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No more soil erosion

See how Penergetic B transform the soil structure

Nematodes trap

Penergetic products help against nematodes 


Mycorrhizal development

Penergetic products stimulate strong and healthy roots formation


Healthy plants

With penergetic products plants can manage biotic and abiotic stress


Valuable aerobic fertilizer

With penergetic G your manure is homogeneous and with less odour

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Bacteria, boost your crop quality !

Microrganisms are involved in all important nutrient and micronutrient metabolism processes and are one of the key determinants of soil stability, metabolism and fertility. The reduction in the amount and diversity of microrganisms creates space and conditions for the spread of pathogens that begin to dominate and infect living plant tissues. Bio Energy biostimulants preserve and enhance soil sustainability, achieve high plant productivity and crop quality. All products are certified for use in organic farming. Bio Energy product system comprises different lines among which we decided to promote three in particular: Azofix Plus for nitrogen fixation, Fosfix Plus for optimal phosphorus uptake and Bactoforce to enhance the immune system of plants and the bioactivity of the soil.

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