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Revitalizer is an eclectic and multifunctional equipment realized for turfs management. Its mechanical action respects the soil stratigraphy without altering the environments. At the same time it allows to generate an exchange channel between the surface and the lower layers promoting evapo-transpiration, the evolution of the organic matter, biodiversity in the broadest sense. Most important, with Revitalizer you can prevent plant stress due to high temperature thanks to the improvement of exchange and absorption processes.


With Revitalizer you can

manage in a simple way residues, cover crops, grassy lawns, tree crops raws

seed or interseed between rows and in open field

manage vegetal masses and turfs in specialized cultivation or in open field

aerate soils and lawns



Manage inter rows to improve biodiversity and grapes quality

Cover vigneto.jpg

Pastures and soils

Aerate turfs to regenerate your soil


See Revitalizer Flyer

UST Air Seeder
Under Surface Seeding Technology

The UST Openers, the seeding elements of the UST Seeder, have a unique capability of positioning the seed directly under the crop residues into the soil.  The seed is placed only in contact with the soil on a horizontal seed bedding. This guarantees a perfect seed germination. Residues are not mixed into the seed furrow. A hairpinning effect is totally avoided.

¡The UST Opener seeding elements  work at the same time on two different depth levels. In the center a kind of vertical knife cuts into the ground at a lower level than the two horizontal cuts on each side (created by the wings of the seeding element), creating the horizontal seed bed. In the lower vertical furrow you can choose to add a fertilizer, perfectly positioned underneath the seed bed.


UST Air Seeder plus

Opens the soil vertically facilitating seed emergence

High soil penetration capacity even in hard soils

Mechanical weed control

Penetration and work on 2 levels, thanks to the carbide tip of the opener


UST Opener

See the Opener at work opening and closing the furrow and keeping residues on the top


Direct seeding

Soybean direct seeding on barley stalks

Soybean in no till on cover crop.jpg
Seed Metering Unit
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