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About AZFarming

Our Company
Our Philosophy
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AZFarming is a company based in Slovenia established in 2005. Mauro Collovati is the founder and comes from a more than 40 years of experience both in farming and agriculture machine designing. He patented various implements and machines.

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AZFarming motto is "Cultivate by observing". To us, the first and most important thing to do is to observe deeply the fields, starting from the soil which is the base for plants health and profitable crops. 

Environment & Sustainability
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AZFarming technology is based on the combination of conservation agriculture machines and techniques with natural biostimulants and bacteria. We want to bring back hArmony, equilibrium and uniformity to your crops improving Fertility and Regenerating your fields.

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Biodiversity is the key for healthy crops. AZFarming technology leads to avoid or reduce to a minimum any input and gain real Multifuncionality, which means to go beyond the primary function of producing food and protect the environment through sustainable management of resources.

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